Connecting agriculture to Scripture in a year-long journey through the Bible.


GR Aggies Schedule & Field Trips



Bible Topic

Agricultural Sector

Field Trip

June Creation Overview/gardens Lanier Farms (produce)
July Flood & Babel Natural Resources & Wildlife South GA Taxidermy & Custom Processing – Jacksonville, GA + a water slide
August Patriarchs, Joseph, & Moses Natural Resources & Wildlife

Meteor Shower & River Boat Rides @ Stephen C. Foster State Park – make reservations

September Passover to Passover Agrimarketing Olive Farm – Lakeland
October Judges to David Agribusiness Sunbelt EXPO – Moultrie
November Judgment, Exile, & Return Georgia Agriculture Pecan Orchard – Ray City
December Jesus’ Birth Horticulture Sunbelt Greenhouses – Douglas
Jan Life of Jesus Livestock Hound River (sheep) Farm – Hahira
February Crucifixion Equine Grace Reigns Equine – Ray City
March Great Commission to Pentecost Aquaculture* Hathery Fish Farm* – Alapaha
April Gospel spreads International agriculture Thigpen Trail – Doerun
May 2nd Coming & Review Fruit Burton Peach Farm – Morven
End of Year: Tentative – Grace Reigns Farm will host a farm day/”county fair” where each family can showcase their projects – more details to come.



What else can my kids do?

Click here for more information about Bible Drill & Speakers, 4H, possibly archery, and a potential end-of-the-year “county fair” type competitions for projects your kids pick each month.